Embrace the Fluff

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. Which is your cue to wrap up tight in the season’s hottest, most luxurious fluff! From bright, bold statements to soft, muted hues, the Fabulous Faux Fur Coats at Lost & Layers are as snuggly as they are swank.

All the Ankle Boots

Things that stress us out: 1.) Ordering at The Cheesecake Factory, 2.) Shopping for ankle boots. TOO. MANY. CHOICES. Fortunately, Fashion Lady knows How To Wear Ankle Boots of all shapes and styles, so she can help us decide which ones to buy, and which ones not to buy . . . yet.

Eating In The Fast Lane

Hold onto your socks! Fashion Beyond Forty knows How To Lose Weight Eating “Fast Food,” and she’s spilling the beans. No, not Cheesy Gordita Crunch beans. More like Healthy Black Bean Roll-up . . . beans. Hey, we’ll take it!

Those Leggings Cost HOW Much?!

Your sister wants Lululemon leggings for her birthday, but you already blew your budget on lip kits . . . for yourself. No prob. These Affordable Fall Activewear options from Penny Pincher Fashion are super cute and super cheap. Maybe we’ll get ourselves a pair. Or five. SOMEONE STOP US.

Another New Black?

Red Rising pretty much sums up the 2017 fall/winter collections. They’re loaded with deep, velvety reds! Neisha Alvarado’s all in with 12 Burgundy Dresses Under $50, proving once again that on-trend doesn’t have to mean out-of-cash. So go ahead, raise a glass of your best red to the dresses you can spill it on!

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